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You have invested time and money into keeping up your side of the lease agreement and now you're faced with an eviction.  This can destroy your credit and make it extremely difficult to rent a quality apartment or commercial space in the future. 

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We know Landlord/Tenant law inside and out and can save your valuable time, money and credit.

If you are being evicted or fear that you may soon face eviction you should contact us immediately.  There are steps that you need to take right away to aid you in your case.  Do not wait - Call now.


Some Important Steps


Save all of your documents (3-day pay or quit notices, paperwork, lease agreement, notes, correspondance, etc.).  These are very important. 

Take notes about phone conversations including time and date and the name of the person with whom you spoke, as well as what was said.

Take photographs of the property.

Get names and contact information of witnesses that can help your cause.

There are many more vital steps to be taken.  Contact us now for an initial consultation.

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Simkin & Associates is a highly respected firm specializing in Landlord - Tenant Disputes.  Michael Simkin is a Real Estate industry expert who consults with major network media. 

We are results-driven and we believe that there is no substitute for experience and expertise.  We zealously represent our clients.



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